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Democratic Central Committee

Greene County, Arkansas

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   We the members of the Democratic Central Committee of Greene County, Arkansas believe in the following principles:

    That the Democratic Party with its diversity of members, flexibility of organization, adaptability to change, and responsiveness to human needs, can and will provide the leadership necessary in these challenging times.

    The government functions best when it is closest to the people and government is of laws not of men.

    That every citizen no mater what religion, race or sex owes their duty to participate at every level of government and is entitled to an equal voice and equal treatment.

    That  we should be proud and upright citizens of the U.S. and be determined to provide the responsible and constructive leadership that is owed to such a nation.

                                                                                                          Jerry McIntosh

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Chairman                                                      Charles Willis

Vice Chairman                                              Paulette Parker

Secretary                                                      Nadine Jamison

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ward 1 pos. 1                                                                                      Bill Wood

ward 1 pos. 2                                                                                      Jim Ladyman

ward 1 pos. 3                                                                                       Paulette Parker

ward 1 pos. 4                                                                                      Max Moore

ward 1 pos. 5                                                                                      Shirley Boston

ward 2 pos. 1                                                                                     Marge Pace

ward 2 pos. 2                                                                                     Melba Boggs

ward 2 pos.3                                                                                      Judith Burgess

ward 2 pos. 4                                                                                    Mary K. Martin

ward 3 pos. 1                                                                                    Wyman Highfill

ward 3 pos. 2                                                                                    Pat Pillow   

ward 3 pos. 3                                                                                    Ruth Everett       

ward 3 pos. 4                                                                                     Virginia Highfill

ward 4 pos.1                                                                                      Michael Langley

ward 4 pos. 2                                                                                     Jackie Ross

ward 4 pos. 3                                                                                     June Mitchell

Blue Cane                                                                                         Arthur Reese

Breckenridge                                                                                     Weldon Roberts

Bryan                                                                                                 Vance Cupp

Cache                                                                                                  L. V. Jones

Clark                                                                                                  Karl Horton


Crowley                                                                                           Charles Willis

Hopewell                                                                                          Lawrence Hamilton

Hurricane pos. 1                                                                               Jerry McIntosh

Hurricane pos. 2                                                                              

Jones                                                                                                Barbara Willis

Mainshore                                                                                         Margo Herren

Poland                                                                                             Ken Herren

Reynolds                                                                                         Margie Kuykendall

Salem                                                                                              Billy McCain

Shady Grove                                                                                    John Gibson

Spring Grove                                                                                   George Smith

St. Francis                                                                                      Clifton Healey

Sugar Creek                                                                                     Marvin Exum

Union pos. 1                                                                                   Nadine Jamison


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Links to Greene County Democratic Candidate web pages


Any Greene County Democratic Candidate wishing to have thier web page added to this list,e-mail information to

Arthur Reese

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