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Rams Radio Volunteer

Examiner Team

ARRL certified Amateur Radio tests are giving the second Tuesday night in each month at 7:PM. The sessions are held at Paragould High School, Paragould AR. You don't have to preregister to take the tests. Welcome and Good Luck.

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W5YI Commercial Radio Licenses Examiners

W5YI certified Commercial Radio Examinations are available, with 30 days notice.

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Team Members


AB5NA                        Dr. Jay Springman               ARRL Liaison

AC5BU                        Dorothy Wikowsky

AC5PU                         Dr. Carol I. Pratt

N0CHP                        Ray   Dunivan

AC5JX                        Eddie Deboard

KB5RML                    John Michael

N5SEB                        Henry Mitchell

N5TJT                         Arthur Reese

KB5WBH                   Michael Nettles

AB5ZC                      Dale Wikowsky                W5YI   Liaison

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