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Central Committee

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Greene County, Arkansas

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We the members of the Democratic Central Committee of Greene County, Arkansas are--------

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Chairman                                                      Charles Willis

Vice Chairman                                              Mary K. Martin

Secretary                                                       Nadine Jamison

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ward 1 pos. 1                                                                                      Dan Stidham

ward 1 pos. 2

ward 1 pos. 3                                                                                     Paulette Parker

ward 1 pos. 4

ward 1 pos. 5

ward 2 pos. 1                                                                                     Marge Pace

ward 2 pos. 2                                                                                     Joe Pace

ward 2 pos. 3                                                                                     Martha Adams

ward 2 pos. 4                                                                                    Mary K. Martin

ward 3 pos. 1                                                                                    Wyman Highfill

ward 3 pos. 2                                                                                    Pat Pillow

ward 3 pos. 3           

ward 3 pos. 4                                                                                   Virginia Highfill

ward 4 pos. 1

ward 4 pos. 2

ward 4 pos.3

Blue Cane                                                                                         Arthur Reese





Collier                                                                                               Jim Ladyman

Crowley                                                                                           Charles Willis

Evening Shade



Hopewell                                                                                          Lawrence Hamilton

Hurricane pos. 1                                                                               Jerry McIntosh

Hurricane pos. 2                                                                               Charles Hampton




Poland                                                                                             Ken Herren

Reynolds                                                                                          Margie Kuykendall                                                                                                                                                                     Salem

Shady Grove

Spring Grove

St. Francis                                                                                      Clifton Healy

Sugar Creek                                                                                   Marvin Exum

Walnut Corner

Union pos. 1                                                                                   Nadine Jamison

Union pos. 2

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