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     Marmaduke Schools support a curriculum of about 60 course offerings,beginning with Remedial in Grade 7 to Vocational Offerings at the level.

     Music and Physical Education are a part of curriculum and are conducted by qualified Instructors.Music Department is Mrs. Cain and the P E department is instructed by Mr. Richey and Mr. Dean and Baseball by Mr. Willis.

     Marmaduke High School has a Tech Prep Vocational Curriculum consisting of applied Math 1.applied Math 2,applied Biology, Computer Literacy and work place Readiness.

     Curriculum includes for special Education Classes for Trainable Mentally Retarded and for the Gifted and Talented.

     College Prep Courses include Physics, Chemistry,advanced courses in Math and English,Foreign Language and opportunities to work in computed Lab.

     Marmaduke High School has a modern Lab and supports a 9000 volume Library.